You could recreate this man’s highly detailed ‘Lord of the Rings’ marathon menu

Lembas bread, Denethor'' s feast, you call it.
Image: Pierre Vinet/New Line Cinema/Kobal/REX/ Shutterstock

Second breakfast. Elevenses. Luncheon. Afternoon tea. Supper. Dinner.

It was all taken in by one devoted Lord of the Rings fan, who developed a themed 14-course menu that mirrors the food consumed by characters in Peter Jackson’s legendary movie trilogy — and it recommended a really essential factor.

UK author Nate Crowley celebrated one year given that his daddy died with a back-to-back marathon of all 3 movies from The Lord of the Rings — coupled with a 14-course menu showing precisely what was consumed on screen.

Teaming up with a buddy for the marathon, Crowley published pictures of every course, analyses of whatever from Elven “lembas bread” to Denethor’s “grim supper.” Here’s the menu, and LOTR fans, prepare to be seriously amazed (and most likely utilize this a guide for your next marathon.)

Crowley even selected director Peter Jackson’s cameo, when

he snacks on a carrot as a villager of Bree.

Of course, Crowley declared scene in which Uruk-hai make a meal out of a disobedient Orc.

It keeps going, with nods to the salted pork from the Isengard shops, Denethor’s impressive banquet, and Crowley consists of some genuinely heartfelt individual homages to his papa.

Honestly, this type of attention to information is where massive, immersive, multi-sensory popular culture occasions start.

But obviously, it was more than simply an enjoyable thing to do, and Crowley’s fans shared their gratitude for his celebratory occasion.

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