Top 10 Reasons Why 70% of Kids Quit Church After High School

By Marc Yoder

We all understand them, the kids who were raised in church. They were stars of the youth group. They perhaps even sang in the appreciation band or led praise. And after that … they finish from High School and they leave church. What took place?

It appears to take place so frequently that I wished to do some digging; To speak with these kids and get some sincere responses. I operate in a significant college town with a great deal of 20-somethings. Almost all of them were raised in extremely common evangelical churches. Almost all of them have actually left the church without any intent of returning. I invest a great deal of time with them and it takes really little to get them to vent, and I’ m delighted to listen. After lots of hours invested in coffee stores and after purchasing a couple of lunches, here are the most typical ideas taken from lots of discussions. I hope a few of them make you upset. Not at the message, however at the failure of our practical replacement of the gospel of the cross with an Americanized gospel of splendor. This isn’ t an unfavorable “ batter on the church ” post. I like the church, and I wish to see American evangelicalism go back to the gospel of repentance and faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins; not simply as something on our “ what our company believe ” page on our site, however as the core of what we preach from our pulpits to our kids, our youth, and our grownups.


The realities:

The data are jaw-droppingly dreadful: 70% of youth stop going to church when they finish from High School. Almost a years later on, about half go back to church.


Let that sink in.

There’ s no simple method to state this: The American Evangelical church has actually lost, is losing, and will likely continue to lose OUR YOUTH.

For all the talk of “ our biggest resource ”, “ our treasure ”, and the multi-million dollar Dave and Buster’ s/Starbucks knockoffs we fill and construct with black walls and wailing rock bands … the church has actually failed them.


The Top 10 Reasons We’ re Losing our Youth:

10. The Church is “ Relevant.”


You didn’ t misread that, I didn ’ t state unimportant, I stated RELEVANT. We ’ ve taken a historical, 2,000 years of age faith, dressed it in plaid and slim denims and attempted to offer it as “ cool ” to our kids. It ’ s not cool. It ’ s not contemporary. What we ’ re product packaging is an inexpensive knockoff ofthe world we ’ re contacted us to evangelize.


As thequote states, “ When the ship remains in the whatever, ocean ’ s fine.When theocean enters the ship,you ’ re in difficulty. ”


I ’ m not ranting about “ worldliness ” as some pietistic bogeyman, I ’ m speaking about the truth that we yawn at a 5-minute scriptural text, however practically journey over ourselves fawning over a small star or professional athlete who makes any unclear referral to being a Christian.

We’ re like a fawning wanna-be simply hoping the world will believe we’ re cool too, you understand, similar to you people!


Our kids satisfy the real life and our “ appearance, we ’ re cool like you ” posturing is buffooned. In our effort to be “ like them ” we ’ ve end up being less of who we really are. The middle-aged pastor attempting to appear like his 20-something audience isn’ t appropriate. Gown him up in slim denims and hand him a latte, it doesn’ t matter. It’ s not appropriate, It ’ s comically clich. The minute you intend to be “ genuine ”, you ’ re no longer genuine!


9. They never ever participated in church to start with.

From a Noah’ s Ark themed nursery, to jumbotron summer-campish kids church, to pizza celebrations and rock performances, numerous evangelical youth have actually been coddled in a not-quite-church, however not-quite-world hothouse. They’ ve never ever rested on a seat in between a set of brand-new moms and dads with a picky child and a senior on an oxygen tank. They put on’ t see the complete timeline of the gospel for every single season of life. Rather, we’ ve dumbed down the message, pumped up the volume and act shocked when …

8. They get clever.

It’ s not that our trainees “ got smarter ” when they left house, rather somebody in fact treated them as smart. Instead of dumbing down the message, the atheists and agnostics treat our youth as smart and challenge their intelligence with “ reflections ” of concern and doubt. A lot of these “ doubts ” have actually been addressed, in terrific depth, over the centuries of our faith. …

7. You sent them out unarmed.

Let’ s simply be sincere, the majority of our churches are sending out youth into the world embarrassingly oblivious of our faith. How could we not? We’ ve rejected catechesis, offered them on “ deeds not creeds ” and motivated them to begin the mission to discover “ God ’ s prepare for their life ”. Yes, I understand your church has a “ What our company believe ” page, however is that really being taught and strengthened from the pulpit? I’ ve satisfied evangelical church leaders( “ Pastors ”-RRB- who didn ’ t understand the distinction in between reason and sanctification. I’ ve fulfilled megachurch board members who didn’ t comprehend the satisfaction. When we picked leaders based upon their capability to draw and lead instead of to precisely teach the faith? Well, we wear’ t teach the faith. Shocked? And rather of the orthodox, historical faith …

6. You provided hand-me-downs.

You’ ve attempted your finest to pass along the internal/subjective faith that you “ feel ”. You actually, actually, truly desire them to “ feel ” it too. We ’ ve never ever been called to evangelize our sensations. You can’ t by far this kind of subjective faith. With absolutely nothing strong to hang their faith upon, without any historical creed to connect them to centuries of history, without the physical aspects of water, red wine, and bread, their faith remains in their subjective sensations, and when confronted with other methods to “ feel ” boosted at college, the church loses to things with much higher interest our humanity. And they discover it in …

5. Neighborhood

Have you seen this word is * all over * in the church considering that the seeker-sensitive and church development motions came onto the scene? (There’ s a factor and a driving viewpoint behind it which is beyond the scope of this blog site.) When our kids leave home, they leave the produced neighborhood they’ ve resided in for almost their whole life. With their faith as something they “ do ” in neighborhood, they quickly discover that they can experience this “ life modification ” and “ life enhancement ” in “ neighborhood ” in various contexts. Mix this with a subjective, practical faith and the 100 th pizza celebration at the regional big-box church doesn ’ t contend versus the much easier, more naturally attractive options in other “ neighborhoods ”. They left the church and ….

4. They discovered much better sensations.

Rather than an external, unbiased, historic faith, we’ ve provided our youth an internal, subjective faith. The evangelical church isn’ t catechizing or mentor our kids the basics of the faith, we’ re just motivating them to “ be great ” and “ love Jesus ”. When they leave home, they understand that they can be “ spiritually satisfied ” and get the very same subjective self-improvement concepts (and warm-fuzzies) from the current life-coach or from hanging out with buddies or offering at a shelter. And they can be genuinely genuine, and they leap at the possibility since …

3. They got tired of pretending.

In the “ finest life now ”, “ Every day a Friday ” world of evangelicals, there ’ s little space for anxiety, or battle, or doubt. Turn that frown upside down, or move along. Kids who are fed a consistent diet plan of preachings focused on getting rid of anything (or anybody) who doesn’ t pragmatically serve “ God ’ s fantastic prepare for your life ” has actually required them to smile and, as the old tune motivated them be “ hap-hap-happy all the time”. Our kids are wise, frequently much smarter than we provide credit for. They trumpet the message I hear a lot from these kids. “ The church has plenty of hypocrites ”. Why? Despite the fact that they have actually never ever been offered the classifications of law and gospel …

2. They understand the fact.

They can’ t do it. They understand it. All that “ be great ” moralism they ’ ve been taught? The bible has a word for it: Law. Which ’ s what we ’ ve fed them, pure, given that we dropped them off at the Noah’ s Ark playland: Do/Don’ t Do. As they grow older it ends up being “ Good Kids do/don ’ t ” and as grownups “ Do this for amuch better life ”. The gospel appears briefly as another “ do ” to “ get conserved. ” But their diet plan is Law, and bible informs us that the law condemns us. That smiling, positive “ Love God and Love People ” vision declaration? Yeah, you’ ve simply condemned the youth with it. Good, huh? They either believe that they’ re “ excellent individuals ” because they wear ’ t “ do ” any of the things their denomination teaches versus (beverage, smoke, dance, see R ranked films), or they understand that they wear’ t satisfy Jesus own words of what is needed. There’ s no rest in this law, just a treadmill of works they understand they aren’ t able to satisfy. Either method, they stroll away from the church due to the fact that …


1. They wear ’ t require it.


Our kids are clever. They detected the message we unsuspectingly taught. If church is just a location to find out life-application principals to accomplish a much better life in neighborhood … you put on’ t require a crucified Jesus for that. Why would they get up early on a Sunday and see a low-cost knockoff of the home entertainment location they went to the night prior to? The middle-aged pastor attempting frantically to be “ appropriate ” to them would be a humorous clich if the result weren’ t so disastrous. As we rejected the gospel, our trainees are never ever struck with the complete effect of the law, their sin prior to God, and their desperate requirement for the atoning work of Christ. Now THAT matters, THAT is genuine, which is something the world can not provide.

We’ ve traded a historical, unbiased, loyal gospel based upon God’ s graciousness towards us for a modern-day, subjective, practical gospel based upon accomplishing our objective by following life techniques. Instead of being loyal to the silly simpleness of the gospel of the cross we’ ve set our objective on being “ effective ” in growing crowds with this gospel of magnificence. This brand-new gospel conserves nobody. Our kids can inspect all of these boxes with any way of self-help, life-coach, or just self-designed spiritualism … and they can do it more pragmatically effectively, and in more pertinent neighborhood. They leave because offered the option, with the extremely message we’ ve taught them, it’ s the smarter option.

Our kids leave due to the fact that we have actually stopped working to provide to them the faith “ provided when for all ” to the church. I want it wasn’ t a provided, however when I present law and gospel to these kids, the reaction is the very same each time: “ I ’ ve never ever heard that. ” I ’ m not versus amusing our youth, or perhaps jumbotrons, or pizza celebrations (though I most likely protest middle-aged men attempting to use slim denims to be “ appropriate). it ’ s simply that the something, the MAIN thing we ’ ve been entrusted with? We’ re stopping working. We ’ ve stopped workingGod and we ’ ve failed our kids. Don ’ t let another kid leave the door without being challenged with the complete weight of the law, and the complete liberty in the gospel.

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