To My Beautiful Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

I dislike you. You darn beautiful, terrific, stunning thing. Since Im so exceptionally envious, #peeee

I dislike you. Due to the fact that I can see how your smile extends easily throughout your face, how you radiance with that pure kind of joy, how your whole body and face are definitely glowing.

Youre in love, the genuine type of love, the permanently type of love. The finally-found-your-prince-charming sort of love.

And I need to state, I sort of hate you a little for that.

Just joking. I couldnt be better. I couldnt feel more pride, more delight, more enjoyment bubbling in the pit of my stomach for you. See, this is the minute weve dreamed about because we were youngsters, considering that we fell in love for the very first time in high school, given that we got intoxicated off wine on a winter season night in college and invested the night laying on your bed, discussing exactly what it would resemble to discover the one.

I wager youre feeling a little of whatever right nowbliss, horror, worry, stress and anxiety, anxiousness, bliss.

Knowing you, youve most likely glanced in the mirror a thousand times, examining your lipstick, tinkering that a person little hairpin or the tendril thats hanging completely to frame your face.

I hope you understand that theres not a thing you might do to look anymore stunning than you do today.

Its all in your smile, in the method you shine with your love, with his love.

See, sweetie, its not about the makeup or the gown, the method your hair lays and even the method you stroll down the aisle. (Though Im hoping you do not journey, youve constantly been a little awkward.)

Its about the sensation in your heart, the ring on your finger.
Its about connecting your life to your dream man. Permanently.

It frightens me to think of it, however I understand youre prepared. I can see it in the method you run your turn over the folds in your gown, in how you bite your lip the method you constantly do when youre worried. Youre prepared since the idea of permanently is frightening, however youve currently stated yes to it.

And now youre sharing that yes to the world.

Youve discovered the location your soul calls house. And I can not wait to see you exchange your promises.

But prior to you stroll down that aisle, I desire you to understand one thingeven though youre involved this fantastic males enjoy, and will be for an eternity, I will constantly like you.

No matter where your future takes you, how our lives grow and alter, you will constantly be my buddy.

I will constantly be a shoulder to sob on, a voice in the receiver to vent to, the convenience in the back of your mind when youre sensation terrified or lonesome.

I will constantly be the coffee date, the Wine Wednesday, the hungover sofa snuggling on Saturday early mornings, even if we wont get intoxicated on the weekends as frequently as we utilized to.

I will constantly be the ear that listens, the shopping pal, the supper date that you can shamelessly shovel it in with.

I will constantly be the female you can rely on, who enjoys you simply as much as that guy standing at the end of the aisle.

And this is my vow to you.

So please, my lovely friend, take a deep breath. Let me repair the beads on your gown, the flowers in your arrangement, the veil over your face. Let me do the fretting as you start your journey throughout this church and into the world of permanently.

Im pleased with you, delighted for you, envious of you. Thankful for you.
And I hope this day is whatever you envisioned.

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