These people apparently built an island to dodge an alcohol ban on NYE

When it concerns New Year’s Eve, individuals are more than delighted to get imaginative if it indicates their celebration strategies can go unrestricted.

On Sunday, an image shared by David Saunders in the Facebook group Tairua ChitChat! started doing the rounds on social networks.

It appears to reveal a group of New Zealanders sat drinking on a small island made from sand:

The thing is, public drinking is presently prohibited in particular locations of Coromandel over the New Year duration — and the recommendation is that this group actively built the small island in order to get around the law.

“It was terrific to see some Kiwis having a little bit of enjoyable,” Saunders, who shared the image, informed the BBC.

Twitter appeared to share his mindset.

The finest bit? Even regional police didn’t appear to mind excessive.

“That’s creativity,” Inspector John Kelly was estimated as stating by the BBC.

“If I had actually understood I most likely would have joined them.”

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