These 20 Easy Cleaning Hacks Will Make Your House Shine In No Time

I’m always the first person to mention that the house needs a good scrub, but actually getting around to doing it is another thing entirely.

And that’s because, like everyone else, busting out the heavy cleaning artillery sounds less fun to me than setting my hair on fire. That’s where these quick and easy cleaning tips come in.

No matter if you’re a clean freak or an “I’m only doing this when I absolutely have to” housekeeper, it can always be helpful to have an arsenal of cleaning tips and tricks on deck to really make your house shine. These 20 ideas will make your home sparkle without breaking the bank (or your back).

1. Pick up any post-crafting glitter using a ball of Play-Doh.

2. Clean burned-on crud from your pots and pans with this vinegar cocktail.

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