The Story Behind Eric Clapton’s Most Personal Song


In a minute that individuals believed the world would always remember, a popular star lost whatever. It’ s hard to think it ’ s been almost 25 years. The awful day in 1991 that Eric Clapton lost his kid Conor was effective for a lot of factors. Since of simply how close individuals felt with somebody of such popularity, for numerous it was. Since of how ridiculous the death was, for others it was. How in an immediate, through no real neglect, a life was gone. In some methods it was a mix. The senselessness combined with the star. It might occur to anybody if it might occur to Eric Clapton.

Truly, it might occur to anybody. And Eric Clapton has actually striven in the years given that to guarantee it occurs to as couple of individuals as possible.

Eric dedicated numerous hours to enhancing laws relating to kid security, as well as taped a PSA for the State of New York, advising moms and dads to take correct preventative measures.

This disaster was something lots of people had problem handling, due to its really unexpected and unexpected nature.


All it took was a minute. The maid had actually left the window open after cleaning up to air out. An energetic kid in the middle of a video game of look for and conceal was out of the window prior to anybody might even respond due to the fact that there was absolutely nothing to avoid it.

But obviously no one had more difficulty handling the loss than Conor’ s moms and dads, Eric Clapton and Lory Del Santo.

Conor had actually played a big function in Eric’ s life given that his birth. The artist was something of a tortured artist in his youth and had actually coped the years with dependency. Drugs, alcohol, he had actually gone through everything. Eric was complimentary of drugs however was still consuming rather greatly when Conor was born. Seeing his infant kid, he understood he required to make a modification. And he did. He went and kicked the practice on to have a few of the happiest years of his life with the young kid till this dreadful occasion.


Adding both solace and more distress to the scenario was the letter Clapton got soon after his child’ s funeral service. It was from Conor himself, and comprehensive his love for his daddy and just how much he took pleasure in the time he invested with him.

While Eric will never ever, ever forget his young child and the fantastic loss he suffered, with time he started to come to terms with it. In a 2005 interview with Mojo, Clapton stated,

“ I believe it won ’ t make good sense to me for perhaps another 10 years. You understand when you can recall and state, ‘ Oh, that ’ s why I did that. When pointed out to me that the time I started taking heroin actually greatly corresponded with the death of my grandpa, ’ Someone. At that time, I didn’ t relate the 2 at all. The very same might be stated about the death of my boy in 1991 and me entering into the weirdest relationships for the remainder of the ’ 90s prior to I fulfilled my present partner. I never ever saw a connection till just recently. I was lost once again. Trying to find something. Most likely for mothering. Now I can see, ‘ Yeah, you truly didn’ t do effectively coming out of that. ’ Although I had the ability to reveal it musically.”



And reveal it musically he did. Composed for a movie called Rush, the tune Tears in Heaven is 100 percent about Conor and Eric Clapton’ s like for his lost child. It ’ s essential to bear in mind the background of this popular tune, as it’ s really as crucial as the tune is gorgeous. And if we forget minutes like that terrible one in 1991, there’ s a dreadful opportunity we may forget why it’ s so essential to have actually appropriately protected windows, doors, and anything else you just can’ t teach a young child not to have fun with.

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