‘The Daily Show’: You’ll only run into trouble in Australia if you’re an idiot

Australia is understood for freaky mishaps, generally including the nation’s hazardous wildlife. Is that credibility a little unjust?

Take the person who directly left death last Sunday after diving into crocodile-infested waters in Queensland.

Sure, it’s a precarious scenario. It might’ve been prevented … if just the man wasn’t a dumbass, according to Australian comic Ronny Chieng on The Daily Show.

“Everyone believes Australians are a lot of insane crocodile wrestlers,” Chieng stated on Thursday.

“I’ve lived there for Ten Years. Absolutely nothing occurred … My point is Australia can be unsafe, if you’re a dumbass. All over is hazardous if you’re a dumbass. A cars and truck wash can be harmful if you’re a dumbass.”

Of course, you can likewise blame Australia’s love of thug a.k.a. very low-cost boxed wine for the nation’s eye-watering stupidity.

It’s still no reason to leap in with crocodiles to land a date. Unless you’re a dumbass.

[h/t news.com.au]

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