Science-Themed Jewelry You Can Grab For Under $20

If you like a deal as much as you like science, you may be pleased to understand that the IFLS shop is having a sale in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day. This weekend you can get substantial discount rates on an entire series of chosen items from cool brand-new devices to space-themed clothes.

If you wish to treat your beau (or yourself) to some precious jewelry influenced by physics, chemistry, area, or biology, then this is the list for you. Sale products are minimized approximately 68 percent.

Saturn Pendant ( 60% off, was $20, now $8)

Carry around a little silver reproduction of the galaxy’s most beautiful world. This Saturn pendant is 1.25 inches large, the pendant is 17 inches, and it shows up currently in a present box — so that’s another thing off your list.

Atom Earrings ( 60% off, was $25, off $10)

These dangly earrings would make the best celebration device. They are 7/8 inches large and 7/8 inches high, and come nickel-free, lead-free, and chromium-free.

Complete the appearance with a coordinating Atom Pendant ( 50% off, was $20, now $10).

 content-1511372680-atom-earring. JPG

Dopamine Molecule Earrings ( 60% off, was $20, now $10)

Share the joy with these Dopamine Molecule Earrings. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain accountable for sensations of desire, ecstasy, and satisfaction.

A coordinating pendant is likewise readily available.


Serotonin Molecule Earrings ( 60% off, was $20, now $10)

Serotonin (molecular formula C10H12N2O) is another neurotransmitter that adds to sensations of joy and wellness. These fragile leverback earrings are made from iron, zinc, and brass casting.

The serotonin particle keychain is likewise on sale (50% off, was $15, now $7.50).

 content-1511373310-serotonin. JPG

Rocketship Earrings ( 60% off, was $25, now $10)

These rocketship earrings run out this world. They feature an old silver surface and inside a sophisticated present box — all set for providing.

 content-1511373465-rocket. JPG

Telescope Earrings ( 50% off, was $20, now $10)

These silver telescope earrings are ideal for anybody who delights in stargazing and astronomy. The dangly set is 7/8 inches broad and 1/4 inch high.

Finish the appearance with the coordinating pendant , likewise on sale. (50% off, was $20, now $10)

 content-1511373690-telescope. JPG

T-Rex Skull Pendant ( 60% off, was $25, now $10)

This incredible skull pendant features a hinged jaw. It would make a fantastic present for any Jurassic Park fan.

 content-1511373874-dinosaur. JPG

THC Molecule Keychain ( 50% off, was $15, now $7.50)

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (molecular formula: C21H30O2) is the primary psychedelic substance discovered in the Cannabis sativa plant. Keep your secrets safe while revealing your gratitude for the plant.

The THC Molecule Necklace is likewise on sale (65% off, was $28, now $10).

 content-1511374083-thc-keychain. JPG

Microscope Earrings ( 50% off, was $20, now $10)

Show off your love of biology with these silver-tone mini microscopic lens. The dangly earrings are nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and chromium-free.

If you would choose something to use around your neck, there is likewise a Microscope Pendant on sale (50 percent off, was $20, now $10).

 content-1511374361-microscope. JPG

DNA Earrings ( 60% off, was $25, now $10)

These DNA double helix earrings are so stylish — and can be found in a stylish present box to match. They are 11/18 inches long and made from brass with zinc casting and iron.

Love these? You may desire to get your hands on the matching DNA Pendant likewise on sale (60% off, was $28, now $10).

 content-1511374626-dna. JPG

DMT Molecule Earrings ( 60% off, was $25, now $10)

These geometric earrings been available in the shape of the DMT particle — likewise called the Spirit Molecule. It’s a psychedelic substance that is and causes hallucinations stated to have an extensive result on awareness.

If you choose pendants to earrings, the DMT Molecule Necklace is likewise on sale (64% off, was $28, now $10).

 content-1511375936-dmt. JPG

Anatomical Heart Pendant ( was $29, now $20)

This physiological representation of a human heart is made from a 3D design. It consists of a chain that’s 18 inches long, the pendant is made from brass, iron, and zinc casting. The entire pendant shows up in a stylish present box.

 content-1511452052-anatomical-heart. jpg

Caffeine Molecule Pendant ( 64% off, was $28, now $10)

This pendant on this locket is the particle for caffeine, best for coffee or tea enthusiasts. The chain is 17 inches long, while the pendant is made from iron, zinc, and brass casting.

It determines simply under an inch long and simply under an inch broad.

 content-1511452066-caffeine-pendant. jpg

Resveratrol (Red Wine) Molecule Necklace ( 64% off, was $28, now $10)

For the red white wine fans among you, this pendant consists of resveratrol, a particle discovered in red white wine. The chain is 17 inches long, and the pendant is three-quarters of an inch wide, and more than an inch long.

 content-1511452082-resveratrol-pendant. j

Theobromine (Chocolate) Molecule Pendant ( 64% off, was $28, now $10)

If you’re trying to find a routine suggestion of your love of chocolate, look no more. This pendant consists of the molecular formula C7H8N4O2, the main alkaloid discovered in cocoa and chocolate. The chain is 17 inches long, and the pendant is 1 inch wide, and simply under an inch long.

 content-1511452136-theobromine. jpg

Phylogenetic Tree Circle Pendant ( 50% off, was $28, now $14)

This branching diagram represents the evolutionary relationships amongst different types. It’s a streamlined variation of the phylogenetic tree developed in 2008, revealing the relationships in between 3,000 types. The chain is 17 inches long, and the pendant is 11/4 inches throughout.

 content-1511452152-phylogenetic. jpg

Tree of Life Sketch Necklace ( 65% off, was $28, now $10)

This locket does not simply look quite — it comes directly from the page of Darwin’s note pad. The tree of life is a silver variation of a sketch the renowned biologist made in 1837, called the Tree of Life Sketch.

Physics Charm Necklace ( 68% off, was $35, now $12)

With 5 various science-themed beauties (Pi, Saturn, Rocket, Atom, and a Telescope), this bracelet would make an excellent present for anybody who likes science.

DNA Bracelet ( 68% off, was $35, now $12)

Now you can use the double helix around your wrist. This basic however stunning bracelet includes an additional inch of links, guaranteeing you get the best fit.

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