Richard Speck Was One Of The Most Sadistic Serial Killers Of All Time

Richard Speck’s entire life appears to have actually set him up for murder.

Speck was born in 1941 the seventh of 8 kids, and his life was spoiled by criminal offense and condition. After his dad passed away, his mom remarried a peg-legged intoxicated who was mentally violent and presented his young step-son to alcohol. Speck was an alcoholic by 15 and was jailed lots of times for minor criminal activities.

At 19, he tattooed “Born to Raise Hell” on his lower arm, an extremely foreboding option that would eventually end up being notorious. In 1963, his unlawful activities intensified to forgery and theft, however after he served 16 months in jail, he was paroled. Simply one week later on, he assaulted a lady with a knife, and although he was sentenced to another 16 months in prison, he was launched 6 months later on due to a mistake.

He continued with a string of robberies and stabbing occurrences up until July 13, 1966.

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That day, he began an inebriated reign of fear in Chicago that started with the rape of Ella Mae Hooper.


Hooper and Speck often visited the exact same bars. Speck took her to his space and sexually attacked her one night. He took her pistol prior to doing some more drinking. Dressed all in black and as he left, he filched a switchblade and the pistol.

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