‘Relax everybody!’ State Dept. account deletes ‘hilarious’ tweet after some cry ‘sexist’ [screenshot]

What’s all this, then?

Not a 10 in the United States? Not a 10 overseas. Be careful of being tempted into worsebeing or purchasing costly beverages robbed. #springbreakingbadly

— Travel State Dept(@TravelGov) March 30, 2016


@TravelGov this is needlessly sexist. There are a great deal of other methods to make your point.

— Nicholas Gomez( @gonicholasgo) March 30, 2016

@gonicholasgo We made no reference of gender. This can occur to anybody.

— Travel State Dept(@TravelGov) March 30, 2016

And what about bewaring while tweeting?

@TravelGov Every 2nd you leave this tweet up is another 2nd you ' re going to really terribly be sorry for later on.

— Ilya Lozovsky (@ichbinilya) March 30, 2016

The offendingtweet was erased, however not quickly sufficient:


The damage was currently done;

@TravelGov So I think individuals who are a 10 put on ' t have anything to stress over? Are you taking a page out of Trump ' s book?

–.(@Newsjunkie1111) March 30, 2016

@TravelGov WTF does this even imply? #PracticingForPresidentTrump

— (@KeMaiYu) March 30, 2016


If not the best. Snort!

. @TravelGov pic.twitter.com/sZ50jEDUHs

-- maxlockie (@staphwriter) March 30, 2016

True story. A word of recommendations to anybody angered by the State Department's tweet: You may desire to guide clear of theparody account that's sprung up.