Please Delete My Number

Because Im going to miss you. Since youre going to pop into my mind on a rainy Sunday night when Bon Iver is humming in the background and Ive put myself a high glass of wine and a whiff of your old perfume captures me all of a sudden off guard sticking around in the house like an undesirable home visitor who was never ever welcomed to remain.

Please erase my number. Due to the fact that Im going to wish to call you when I make an application for that task you constantly stated that I must opt for, or cut my hair because method I never ever attempted to or get that pet dog we constantly spoke about getting and have no idea who to text its excited photo to. Im going to wish to call you when the Bills win when the last snow melts when each long, wine-saturated night wanes and I want that it were still you I was on my method the home of. Due to the fact that I didnt desire to end up here, #peeee

Please erase my number. Since the word Maybe is the slowest type of abuse that you potentially might have decided on, dragging out a hope that passed away long back in spite of your plain rejection to bury it. This might occur due to the fact that possibly does not indicate.

It suggests, I am too afraid to go however not strong enough to remain.

It indicates, Ill miss you however inadequate to be with you.

It indicates, I enjoy you however not sufficient to stay and battle. Due to the fact that I do not desire to erase you, #peeee

Please erase my number. Due to the fact that I desire you with a certainty that you will maybe never ever have. Since I do not need to reconsider whether I want to address your text or get your call. Due to the fact that Im sure. Since I do not enjoy individuals midway and thats where you and I vary. I do not desire the periodic telephone call. I do not wish to play your tired-out video game. Since Im not going to settle for your maybes, #peeee

Please erase my number. I desire concrete. I desire certain. When they state they will and reveal up when they prepare to, I desire individuals who call. I do not wish to invest my life waiting on and squandered on an individual who can just like midway. I do not desire your texts, late in the evening that state,

I miss you or

Im #peeee or sorry

I simply require a bit more time. Due to the fact that Im erasing yours, #peeee

Please erase my number. And you can discover somebody brand-new to text your maybes to.

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