People Reveal The Stupidest Questions Customers Have Ever Asked Them

Customer service can be a genuine battle.

I’ve worked all sort of tasks, and anybody who needs to engage with the public understands that there are bad days and great days. Customer care employees truly do wish to be useful and are quite great at turning negatives into positives every day.

But every when in a while, a consumer has a concern that is really undeniable. User PrinceETheTruth postured the concern to Reddit by asking, “What is the dumbest concern a client has ever asked you?” More than 27,000 remarks later on, I’ve handled to choose my 21 favorites. Here’s what these individuals needed to state about their weirdest work interactions. Anguish likes business, good friends.

1. I’m a pet groomer, not a tailor: “His hair is too brief, can you simply let the sides out a bit?”

2. Dealt with a Christmas tree farm over winter season break in college. One time I had a woman ask me, “So, what are these trees constructed out of?”

3. Spoke to the tourist guide at the lodge I remain at (wild video game lodge) and he stated he had been asked, “Do giraffes hunt in packs?”

4. A client desired something for her feline. “Do you have that thing that does that thing?” No. Can you explain it? “Well, it’s for felines, and felines like it, and they get on it, and does the important things.” K. What thing? “You understand, feline things.”

5. “This is the bike store, right?” Yes. “Do you men offer bikes or repair them?” Both. “If I brought my canoe in could you repair it?” Is canoe the name of your bike or is it a boat? “It’s simply a canoe for the lake. Do you men repair them?” What? No, we’re a bike store. “Oh.”

6. I operate at a hotel, and a customer strolls in: “If I schedule a space, does it consist of the bed?”

7. I went to supper when at a Chinese dining establishment in Missouri and a female at the table beside ours chewed out the waiter, “Where is the other sauce? We are expected to get sour and sweet sauce and we just got one sauce!”

(by means of Reddit/ DeniseDeNephew )

8. A woman entered into the shop and asked us if we offered “adult toys.” This was Toys “R” United States.

9. I operate in an alcohol shop whose stock is 80 percent red wine. You actually need to stroll previous aisles of red wine to get to the booze near the back. I remained in the Scotch aisle in the back of the shop when a consumer approaches me, looks me dead in the eyes, and asks, “Hey, where do you keep the red wine at?”

10. Certified Public Accountant here. I had a customer and his really charming brand-new spouse can be found in to drop off their income tax return. He asked, “Can I declare my other half as a reliant?” I began to respond “No, however …” He blurts out, “What good is being wed if you can’t get a tax reduction for your partner?” I remained really peaceful while psychologically noting the factors. She was less than pleased.

11. Operating at Starbucks, client is an enjoyable mid-thirties entrepreneur, has actually purchased 2 drinks and is awaiting them patiently. I end up, hand him his hot chocolate and iced tea, and after that he asks me which is which.

12. I utilized to work as a chemical maker, and among our items was a urea formaldehyde resin-based glue. Somebody asked if we made edible variations of it.

13. “Do you offer genuine flowers here?” I work as a flower shop.

14. “I’ve been with Sprint for nearly 10 years, why do I still need to spend for a phone?”

15. “Thank you for calling the Highland Best Buy, how can I assist you?” “Yeah, can I have the electronic devices department?”

16. I had some man ask me if he might return a tub of “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter.” I stated yes, and asked him why he wished to return it and he stated, “‘Cause it states butter right on the bundle, however it ain’t butter!”

17. When you get worked with at Disneyland, other Cast Members alert you that individuals will ask you, “When is the 3 o’clock parade?” You presume they are overemphasizing and joking, however then it really occurs, and you need to inform the visitor that it is at 3 o’clock without a trace of sarcasm or exasperation.

18. Ran a yard cutting service. New consumer inquires about the procedure. “Do you pertain to my home to cut it?”

19. “Are these donuts sugar totally free?”

20. I fly personal jets. As soon as we were flying east early in the early morning so the sun was straight in our eyes. A traveler was sitting straight behind us on the dive seat. He leaned forward and asked, “Is there any method we can simply get and climb up above the sun?”

21. “Can you photoshop some photos for me?” “Sir, this is a book shop.”

Stay sane, all you client service experts! We understand what you need to withstand every day.

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