Mom Asks the Internet How to Open Cabinet After Earthquake& The Responses Are Downright Hysterical

An earthquake moved her porcelain meals versus the window of the cabinet, making it difficult to open without damaging them. The Internet has a service …

The Internet is the best location to get recommendations. It ’ s the worst location to get meaningful or precise guidance, i.e., WebMD, however it ’ s amusing. This brings us to the ideal example of that truth. A stay-at-home mom simply published an image of a predicament she ’ s having with her china cabinet with the caption, ‘ A cabinet that can never ever be opened. ’


Apparently there was an earthquake that moved the porcelain meals versus the window of the cabinet, making it difficult to open without damaging all of the meals. The Internet did its part and reacted with over 16,000 responses and 500 remarks, varying from amusing to helpful. Here are a few of our favorites. Make certain to comment listed below with any concepts you may have for this mommy!


Build a similar home beside your existing home with just one distinction, the plates would be on the rack. Erase the old home.

Open a bottle of red wine> Have a beverage> Wait for a hubby to come house. Start a random argument out of absolutely nothing> Go to the kitchen area. unlock and let it

smash> blame it on the other half–> he ’ ll say sorry and purchase an entire brand-new set of plates.>

Flood your house, then open the cabinet with no danger!

shot changing it off then changing it back on once again

Just let yourself pass away and respawn back to your last check point when the plates were well stacked

Go to Kamar-Taj, see The Ancient One, be a sorcerer, discover The Eye of Agamotto,

reverse or stop time, set up back, and you ’ re done!

Sell it to the museum and name it the “ Frozen

in Time ” series.

Name it schrodinger ’ s cabinet since at this time the bowls are both damaged and undamaged

Take an image of it and ask individuals on web

Try ctrl+ Z … this will work

Tape the cabinetwith scallop tape, then leave it for your grandchildren to handle; or wait as a future dowry for your child.

The theoreticist option: specify the plates to be solid. Unlock securely.

The Jigsaw puzzle champ service: purchase

much glue ideal for ceramics. Unlock rapidly. Have a good time for hours!

Spend a couple of months in the secret mountain tops of Japan and train

. You should end up being a ninja with lightning reflexes. When you open the cabinet will be simple, with your recently discovered ninja abilities capturing those plates.

Fly with the cabinet

into the deep space. Open it securely. Go back.


Go to the Cupboard Menue and click Restore


> Once an engineer informed me a roll of duct tape would repair any issue


The political

option: state it to be an issue of the next generation. Inform your kids that this is how life is.( Rant at them still if

they unlock and advise them of their “ generational obligation ”.)


Get a huge plastic bowl, things it with towels. Have

somebody hold the bowl really near to the door, open carefully and let everything the plates drop in there. Even if any breaks, it will conserve you the tension of tidying up.


Sell your house


I believe the web now is

more thinking about seeing the door in fact being open. Make sure to video it and publish it on line once again, thanks!


Spin your home round n round n round up until the centrifugal force presses the plates back onto the rack.

Take care to stop the spin gradually.