Millions Of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

If you go to the Innovation Center for United States Dairy’s site, their leading commonly asked questions is: “Does chocolate milk originated from brown cows?”. They address it clearly and nicely:

” Actually, chocolate milk or any flavored milk for that matter is white cows milk with included flavoring and sweeteners”.

Unfortunately, this message does not seem sinking in with the American public, as a study commissioned by the Center has actually discovered that a massive 7 percent of Americans still believe that chocolate milk comes straight from a brown cow.

If you increase that, that’s 16.4 million individuals across the country who believe that chocolate milkshake might possibly be intoxicated straight from a cow’s udder, Food and Wine reports.

The nationally representative study gets more disconcerting. Forty-eightpercent of participants confessed they weren’t surewhere chocolate milk originates from. If this holds true throughout the country normally, that would bean remarkable 154,272,000 prospective citizens who aren’t positive sufficient to think “cows?”.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really a separated case of Americans being uninformed about where food originates from. A research study in the early ’90s discovered that 20 percent of grownups didn’t understand that hamburgers are made from meat from cows.

Strangely, Innovation Center for United States Dairy’s research study likewise discovered that 37 percent of individuals privately consumed milk right out of the container in the refrigerator, in incredibly bad milk/fridge rules. Another 29 percent utilize their kids as a reason to purchase chocolate milk, so that they can consume it themselves.

The study of over 1,000 grownups likewise reports that 95 percent of Americans have some type of cheese in their refrigerator. We are hoping they will perform afollow-up research study to check out whether Americans believe blue cheese originates from blue cows.

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Stilton does not originate from blue cows, by the method. Pexels/IFLS

[H/T: Washington Post ]

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