Man Makes Mesmerizing Music With Wine Glasses

Some of the world€™â € ™ s most skilled artists aren ♀ ™ t on huge phases carrying out in front of sold-out crowds. Typically, they can be discovered in unforeseen locations, maybe even on your regional street corner .

Take glass harpist Petr Spatina. Coming from the Czech Republic, he has actually taken exactly what utilized to be viewed as a silly skill program trick and turned it into a distinct art type. His classical design of glass harp  leans more to Chopin than The Gong Show. While Petr is definitely no complete stranger to bigger locations, he appears completely at ease displaying his craft on  city streets.Â


As you can see in this video, Petr takes 33 wine glasses – each filled with a various quantity  of water to produce various  notes -and strokes his fingers throughout them producing  enchanting music that seems like it originates from deep space. The tune he plays, “Fragile Sounds,” is definitely lovely, and would most likely sound terrific used any instrument, however it appears a lot more incredible originating from such a non-traditional source. Â

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