Loving You Was A Drug

Loving you was a location.

It was a home that we boarded up the windows to, declining to let daytime filter in and infringe on the envigorating paradise we had actually gotten lost within. It was the intimacy soaked into the bedsheets and leaking out under the entrances and caught in between the areas that our bodies took through caring each other. It was a maze inside which whatever was stagnated and filled with the fragrance of you, the sight of you, the feel of your skin versus mine, it was an universe wed developed and it was one I didnt wish to leave.

Loving you was an experience.

It was my heart beating right out of my body, it was deep space breaking through your skin. Caring you was sun-soaked early mornings and wine-drunk nights beckoning us to go even more, to press more difficult, to evaluate the limitations of all wed ever understood. Caring you was mountain peaks and stretching valleys. It was life times worth of sweet anticipation lastly breaking through the core of your presence, it was all we just ever wanted to dream for, it was impossibilities come to life. Caring you was the entire world on fire and we were burning. It was the turmoil of all in our wake.

Loving you was getting back.

It was the entire world immersed undersea; it was serenity and stillness, it was pureness and calm. Caring you was the difficult silence that overflowed louder than any sound Id heard. It was the basic feeling of enough-ness with my heart beating silently with yours, it was the entire world spinning hugely around us while we stayed unblemished and entire. Caring you was the only house Id understood, it was the very first roofing that I felt safe below.

Loving you was turmoil and damage.

It was broken glasses cluttering the corridors and vulnerability caking my skin. Caring you was the worry of you leaving like a widespread, transmittable illness that I couldnt appear to pull from my system. It was the combining of 2 minds in a manner that made it difficult to theorize my own, it was forgetting where your tendons and nerves ended and where my own started. Caring you was an insanity that I couldnt eliminate. It was a turmoil that overloaded my mind.

Loving you was the greatest, most incurable hit of a drug I couldnt wean myself off of.

It was early mornings finished up within you and nights invested attempting to break complimentary. It was the push and pull of the world that existed beyond our damage and the house Id constructed inside your arms. It was a dependency that I couldnt cut tidy from. It was a fixation that I couldnt rather stop.

Loving you was pureness and enthusiasm .

It was mayhem and catastrophe and calm. It was the pull of an incurable obsession. It was the security of a level-headed option. Caring you was rawness and strength. It was fire and brimstone and ice. It was the coldest freeze of winter season. It was the mild thaw of spring.

Loving you was all of the discomfort of being tossed from of Eden. It was the marvel of being invited back in.

Loving you was a drug. And its one I can not choose back up.

It feels too great to be tidy. It feels too excellent to be sober.

It feels too great to be even-minded and clear-headed and moving on equally, alone. It feels to excellent to be no longer hooked on you.

It feels too great to have actually fallen out of love.

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