Jordanian writer who shared cartoon mocking ISIS killed outside courthouse

(CNN)A popular Jordanian author dealing with charges for sharing a “blasphemous” anti-ISIS animation that outraged Muslim groups was fatally shot in Amman on Sunday, state news firm Petra reported.

Nahed Hattar, a member of the nation’s Christian minority, was shot 3 times outside a court house in the capital where charges versus him were being heard.
      Public Security Department workers, who were near the scene of the attack, hurried Hattar to a close-by healthcare facility, however he passed away from his injuries, Petra reported.
      The security forces detained an examination and the assaulter is underway, Petra reported.

      Cartoon ‘violent to the magnificent entity’

      Hattar, a political analyst and writer, was remanded in custody last month after sharing a questionable animation on Facebook that triggered anger from Muslim groups.
      Amman Governor Khaled Abu Zeid bought that the author be held for the “blasphemous” Facebook post, Petra reported.
      Hattar was charged with the criminal offenses of insulting religious beliefs, and prompting “sectarian strife and bigotry,” for having actually published the image, which was considered as “violent to the magnificent entity,” Petra reported at the time.
      The animation, which Hattar stated was planned to mock ISIS beliefs, illustrated a bearded male in bed with 2 ladies in paradise as he advises God to serve him white wine and food.
      Hours after sharing the animation, Hattar discussed on social networks that it was focused on slamming the twisted view of paradise held by ISIS, according to Randa Habib, Amnesty International’s local director for the Middle East and North Africa.
      “No one listened,” she tweeted after his eliminating Sunday.
      The killed author, who was launched on bail previously this month, had actually been “a questionable figure due to the fact that of his enthusiastic concepts and blunt positions. His killing is a low criminal act,” Habib composed.
      Hattar had actually likewise brought in debate for composing posts in assistance of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

      Government condemns ‘ignominious criminal offense’

      A gag order provided by Jordan’s chief law officer in August avoided protection of the case.
      The Prime Minister’s workplace in Jordan knocked the killing on its main Twitter page Sunday.
      Government spokesperson Mohammad al-Momani stated he was positive the individual accountable for “this ignominious criminal offense” would get “just penalty.”
      Jordan is a leading Arab member of the US-led union combating ISIS in surrounding Syria and Iraq, performing airstrikes versus the fear group and hosting union soldiers on its soil.

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