I Cant Wait To Do All The Little Things With You

Clarisse Meyer

I cannot wait to get up to your alarm, to roll over and see you beside me, eyes closed, body still half-asleep.

I cannot wait to brush my teeth beside you, sharing the mirror, making confront with our toothpaste-covered tongues.

I cannot wait to brew you coffee, despite the fact that I seldom consume it, simply to fill my house with your early morning odor, simply to feel your lips on my cheek, damp and warm from your very first sip.

I cannot wait to put our tidy meals in the drying rack, side by side, after our very first supper.

I cannot wait to see our shoes in the bin by the front door, your laces blended with mine.

I cannot wait to make fun of your ridiculous jokes, our legs linked on no factor and the sofa to, or desire for either among us to leave.

I cannot wait to keep up method far too late discussing our pasts, discussing our worries, speaking about the random things we did when we were kids, misplacing time like we’re sixteen once again, out previous curfew viewing the stars.

I cannot wait to dance around the kitchen area with you, navigating around one another, chuckling as you grab the knives and I lean throughout your body to open the refrigerator.

I cannot wait to spin around in circles, to feel your hand on the little of my back, assisting my motions as our preferred tune plays.

I cannot wait to stroll down the street, your hand in mine.

I cannot wait to feel your bristle rub versus my cheek, to taste the mint of your newly rinsed mouth.

I cannot wait to brush your hair back with my fingertips, check out your eyes.

I cannot wait to do all the little things with you, the regimens, the practices. I cannot wait to fall under patterns with you, to unexpectedly feel less like complete strangers and more like we’ve understood one another our entire lives every small, ordinary minute ending up being something lovely.

I cannot wait to kiss you on your cheek, on your shoulder, your neck carefully, playfully, passionately, or when you least anticipate it.

I cannot wait to hear the shower water switch on, an easy tip that you’re here, sharing the exact same area as me.

I cannot wait to take your blankets, to pull mine back when you curl them around you in the middle of the night.

I cannot wait to pay attention to the noise of your drowsy breathing, to question exactly what you’re imagining.

I cannot wait on our very first battle, upset words followed by fast sorry hugs, our chests pushed so firmly to one another we can barely breathe.

Don’t get me incorrect, I cannot wait to become yours, to hear you state you enjoy me, to enjoy as falling ends up being permanently. I cannot wait for the little things. For the minutes between. For all the teeny-tiny memories, the laughter, the method our love is not made one weather minute, however countless little pieces people little things I’ll always remember.

I cannot await the tickle battles, the within jokes, the laughter that ruptures from our mouths in the middle of an expensive supper date.

I cannot wait to come house and see you sleeping on my sofa, my preferred pillow under your exhausted cheek or cooking supper, a glass of wine currently waiting on the cooking area counter for me.

I cannot wait to share my preferred ice cream with you, to go to the supermarket with you, to plan dates and film nights and time where we simply not do anything however rest in one another’s arms.

Yes I desire huge, I desire gorgeous, I desire a love that makes my heart feel complete. I desire the little things, babe.

I desire the minutes we so rapidly consider approved, that we forget, that we let pass us by without a 2nd glimpse or idea. I desire the memories we do not constantly consider when we think of who we are and how we ended up being however all those little slivers of time that have actually developed our structure, that have actually taught us ways to really enjoy.

I desire all the tiny minutes that, when I close my eyes, come hurrying back, frustrating me with their simpleness. The minutes that lie underneath the surface area of our connection and make our love unquestionably genuine. The little things.

Yes, I desire all those stunning little things with you.

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