I Am A Woman Of Distinction You Will Feel Me When I Walk Into The Room

I am a female of difference.

Recklessly gorgeous and untamed my heart is splayed broad open for I not just rely on the procedure, however I rely on the force where every one of my feet strikes the ground and my capability to navigate through the pleasures and sorrow I deal with every day.

I stroll high, taller than an old cypress tree since I frequent my skin my self worth lives in each nook and cranny of my spinal column.

It is not connected to exterior exactly what have you’s like cash, a notepad, a home, an automobile, this world approval, a ring or success.

My success remains in existence.

I exist in the people I come across like heart beats initially light and in the night.

I salsa dance bare bummed with bronze skin and white cheeks let the music flex and sway and dip my spirit with the grace of a lots fire flies intoxicated on the Moon’s wine.

I am leaking in salt, browned from the sunlight, and barefoot in my charm. Due to the fact that I have actually done the work to be at house in my soul’s skin, #peeee

I am not scared to inform you I am gorgeous.

I do not diminish to accommodate the insecurities of those around me, however stand high to advise them carefully, why crouch?

My body might be a meat bag, a vessel for the splendor I hold within however I value each scar on my chin, each freckle, each voluptuous sun bleached curl, each inch of my breasts. Since I understand there is area for me in this world nevertheless I might come, #peeee

I stroll with my head held high when I stroll into a space.

I reveal this world my tears and my laughter, unashamed.

I understand much better than to repair and attempt or recover the suffering of this world.

I understand that by recovery my suffering, I recover this world.

I am a lady of difference and I am not scared to like you prior to you are prepared.

I am not scared to move much faster or slower than the expectations we lay on vulnerability and opening.

I open at my will.

I open at the very first drop of a breeze, at a smile from the male sitting with a green stovepipe hat that I pass in a taxi cab.

I open fearlessly and sweetly and ferociously with all the might I can for exactly what good is living if we are not caring?

I am here to like and like I will.

I am a female of difference, and I am not a victim of situation I feel when things run out positioning and I move from them with as much grace as I go into.

I appear for this world.

I set borders with ease that honour me.

I comprehends that no is self love and whatever after no is unworthiness.

I merit, beloved oh so delightfully worthwhile.

I am genuine as all hell and can taste bullshit from a mile away.

I spit out social Koolaide laughing and compose my own bible.

I ground through motion, through dance, through the sea.

I consume the ocean for breakfast and kiss the red dirt for dessert.

I do not keep my flexibility in a cage that needs 6 whiskies to be let loose.

I vibrate and dance and shake and enjoy through my life. When I stroll into the space, #peeee

I am a lady of difference you will feel me.

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