Grab Your Popcorn, DeMario Is Doing A TV Interview

Pretty much what the heading states. Get your popcorn and your finest $8 bottle of red wine, since DeMario Jackson is doing a TELEVISION interview . I informed you he wasn’t doing however was thinking about returning to tv in a various method, and I didn’t believe I would be ideal so quickly however here I am. I actually didn’t require anymore fuel to contribute to the ever-growing forest fire that is my ego, however whatever, I’m not grumbling.

The interview will be with E! News (those fortunate bastards), and clearly he’s talking everything about the scandal. Currently he informed E! News the scandal was “demanding” for himself and his mother, who apparently sobbed every day considering that the scandal. I likewise wept every day considering that the news broke, however most likely for various factors.

DeMario’s apology trip interview will be a three-part unique, and we’re clearly going to evaluate the most fundamental parts the next day so do not even trouble losing your time on this 180-minute popularity grab image rehab interview. Aside from that bit about DeMario’s mama, we do not understand a lot about what he’s going to state. Clearly.

Will DeMario fire direct chance ats Corinne? I suggest, I question itnot the very best search for a person who’s attempting to appear less of an asshole on TELEVISION than he currently has up until now. I’m sure he’ll duplicate his “Corinne is a terrific lady” things and toss some shade at Warner Bros. I’m likewise hoping DeMario will lastly, at last, clear up the nature of his relationship with Lexi. Really, I’m hoping she’ll make a surprise look on the interview to attempt and humiliate him. He might have sent by mail back her secrets (arguable), however I would wager my life cost savings that she actively left some product of hers at his home so she might utilize it as a bargaining chip to see him at a future date. She’ll call his doorbell, he’ll address it with a “Oooh, who’s this not this shit once again,” she’ll yell, “I desire my pink t-shirt back!” and the interview will go out, to be continued.

I understand, I actually ought to operate in tv.

You can capture DeMario’s interview tonight, June 26 and tomorrow, June 27, at 7pm and 11pm on E! News. Damn, they actually are milking this.

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