Got the hots for Jesus? He’s on Tinder now.

Jesus may be your lord and rescuer, however could he likewise be your next sweetheart? Simply swipe right on his fantastic Tinder profile to discover.

A dating app does not appear like the most apparent location to discover the boy of God, however this is 2017. Anything can occur. And Jesus has just recently been appearing on Tinder, where he shows his particular modesty by noting his occupation as carpenter.

Hes trying to find love with both ladies and guys. If youre into beards, draped bathrobes and much older guys hes noted as 21 however he advises you in his profile that hes really numerous thousand years old this might be a match made in, er, paradise.

Of course, just like the majority of Tinder users, its quite hard to understand from his profile whether hes as great as he declares to be. At least this Jesus (whose earthly identity stays a secret for now) has a great sense of humor and does not dissatisfy with his pickup lines.

If you’re a real follower, youd much better get to matching with him quickly. Anybody who can provide an endless quantity of white wine will not remain single for long.

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