Giraffe just wants a little love during local news report

An adoring giraffe got a little too close for convenience throughout a news broadcast previously today.

Ashley Jacobs, a press reporter with CBS 8 in San Diego, provided a report Monday about the Zoo Food, Wine and Brew Celebration, a zoo gala and wildlife preservation charity event. While we’re sure this 9-month-old giraffe cares about that concern, it cares more about showing his commitment to Jacobs, its finest brand-new human good friend.

Yes, physical touch is definitely this giraffe’s love language. And Jacobs’s co-anchors, who do not need to sustain the undesirable nuzzles of a huge mammal on live TELEVISION, believed it was humorous.

So are Jacobs and the giraffe really good friends? We’re not exactly sure. They may require to discuss this event over tea and a couple of giraffe crackers.

Fortunately, Jacobs does not appear mad or anything.

[H/T: The Daily Dot]

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