Electric blue wine might be coming to a glass near you

No one asked for it, however sure, we’ll take it: blue wine is now a thing.

The noticeably intense drink, made by Spanish wine maker Gik , is apparently sweet and suggested to be served cooled. It does not, regrettably, taste like a blue Jolly Rancher a minimum of as far as we can inform.

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According to Eater , the wine gets its color from a mix of”anthocyanin(a pigment discovered in grape skin)and indigo(a color drawn out from the Isatis tinctoria plant), and a non-caloric sweetener.”Its taste is most much like a sweet gewurztraminer.

If this sounds a little strange (a few of us are still getting utilized to ros , after all), Gik comprehends. It simply desires us to broaden our horizons. “We think in imaginative disobedience,”its site checks out.”We wish to innovate and develop brand-new things, break with the past and create the future.”

Looks like the future is blue wine. Okay.

So, can you actually attempt this things on your own? If you’re in Europe, you’re in luck: Gik did a Spain-only soft launch of the item in 2015, and now they’re wanting to broaden retail to France, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany in the next couple of months.

Eventually, the wine might even reach the United States most likely not in time for you to have red, white Blue wines at your Fourth of July celebration.

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