CNN 10 – April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

In today’s program, you’ll discover how a current mudslide affected part of Colombia, how vending devices effect Japan’s economy, and how manatees are not on the United States federal government’s list of threatened types. Included are a set of stories related to firefighting: One centers on a brand-new type of mask that might conserve lives, and another looks at how sports training can assist with oxygen policy.
CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Two weeks into spring, 3 days into April and about 16 seconds into a brand-new edition of CNN 10. I’m Carl Azuz and it’s great to begin the week with you.
Today’s program starts in South America, where a lethal natural catastrophe has actually struck the country of Colombia. It began in rain, downpour on Friday night. That triggered 3 rivers to overflow around the city of Mocoa.

It’s situated in the southwestern part of Colombia and the flooding cleaned a stream of mud into Mocoa. When the mudslide came, numerous individuals were sleeping. Other witnesses stated it was moving so quickly, they needed to run for their lives.
Colombia authorities state more than 200 individuals were eliminated and hundreds more hurt. Colombia’s president anticipated those numbers to increase as rescuers search for survivors. More than 1,000 authorities and soldiers officers are associated with that effort.
They state that 80 percent of the roadways around the location have issues. It’s tough to get to individuals who may be caught. Rescuers are racing versus the clock with more than 100 individuals still missing out on.
In 2015, rain in Colombia’s northwest triggered a mudslide that eliminated more than 80 individuals. Researchers state heavy rain, great deals of logging, inadequately made houses and thick populations can all put locals at danger.
Spinning the world for our next story, we’re taking you to the island country of Japan. With 126.7 million individuals living there, the nation has less than 40 percent of the population size of the United States, but Japan has 5 million vending devices, compared with America’s 7 million. Substantially more makers per individual in Japan.
We’re visiting the nation now to reveal the effects this has on Japan’s economy and its lifestyle.
WILL RIPLEY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: There’s one on practically every corner. They line side road, train stations. Vending devices are a vital part of life in Japan. You might nearly go a whole day sustained on things from them.
Let’s start with breakfast.
They have premium banana. Low sugar banana.
Definitely requirement coffee.
Red ways hot. Blue implies cold.
One of my outright preferred aspects of Japan. Hot coffee in a can.
A hot lunch too. Not your normal cup of noodle. This maker offers oden, a mouthwatering stew.
Fish balls, or beef tendon, fish balls.
Hmm, I can see why this is popular in the winter season times. The can is so warm and it tastes excellent.
Vending makers work all the time, so they do not need individuals at the sales register. And you can purchase exactly what you desire, when you desire. No matter what you consume, there’s a likelihood the vending device was made here, near Nagoya.
Fuji Electric counts about 20 drink business as customers. The makers can be found in various sizes and colors. They’re all quite much the very same within.
“That offers us performance,” states factory supervisor Mitsuhiro Saka. “We utilized manufacture devices in big amounts. It’s ended up being smaller sized.”
There are 5 million vending makers in Japan, inning accordance with the current figures from the makers association. That’s one maker for every single 25 individuals, stated to be the greatest concentration worldwide. Those figures have really decreased a bit over the last years in part from increasing competitors. It’s still a huge service.
Vending makers offered more than $42 billion worth of items in 2015, keeping all that money safe is a severe issue, even in a low criminal activity country like Japan. We cannot reveal you the cash collection parts inside the door. I did find out how they make my coffee hot.
“We establish a hybrid system,” discusses Saka. “That utilizes exhaust heat produced by the cooling chamber to heat up your beverage to 55 degrees Celsius, all the while conserving energy.”
But now, 24-hour corner store the Japanese called konbinis take on vending devices for clients and drink makers deal with a battle protecting brand-new areas.
For operators like Ichiro Yonoi (ph), the difficulty is still to fill up devices with the successful items. He informs us he’s been doing this for 12 years. He manages about 3,500 cans a day.
Technology might make his task simpler. Smart vending devices linked to the Internet have the ability to gather sales information, even inform the technician when they break down, another advancement for an every day things that’s progressing, together with contemporary life in Japan.
AZUZ: The West Indian manatee, the Florida manatee is an example, is not thought about a threatened types by the U.S. federal government. Back in the 1970s, authorities in Florida counted simply a couple of numerous these marine mammals. This year, and for the 3rd year in a row, they identified more than 6,000 manatees and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service mentioned their remarkable turn-around as its factor for eliminating manatees from the threatened types list.
Some ecological and animals rights groups disagreed with this choice, stating it was made prematurely which the federal government didn’t consist of a prepare for evaluating the animals recuperating the long term. Federal government authorities state reclassifying manatees from “threatened” to “threatened” will not alter the federal and state laws that secure them.
AZUZ (narration): Ten-second trivia:
The U.S. Fire Administration belongs to which federal government firm?
Environmental Protection Agency, National Park Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or Federal Emergency Management Agency?
You discover the Fire Administration arranged under the FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which becomes part of the Department of the Homeland Security.
AZUZ: The U.S. Fire Administration states in between 2005 and 2014, there was a total reduction in the variety of fires and the injuries and deaths they triggered in the United States. With more than a million firemens in the nation, 3 quarters of them volunteers, authorities are constantly looking for methods to make them much safer. And a British business may have discovered a method to do that. With a rate point of in between $1,500 and $1,900, however, financing might end up being a concern for numerous fire departments who generally pay around $400 for a standard mask.
SUBTITLE: MASK, Denbighshire, Wales.
Over 29,130 firemens were hurt on the task in 2015 in the United States
Sixty-8 American fighters lost their lives.
One U.K. business wishes to minimize that number by assisting firemens see much better.
The Scott Sight is the very first mask for firemens to have an integrated thermal image video camera.
GRAHAM WILSON, DIRECOR, DESIGN REALTY: One firemen’s goal is to enter into a space and to save victims. In a smoke-filled space, you would not have the ability to see a thing.
Conventional thermal imaging system, you’re holding it like this and you’re checking out the screen. Which’s where we work extremely carefully with Scott Safety recognizing spaces in the innovation market to be able to embed this into our item.
This bit here is the electronic camera, that there is the in-mask screen. This video camera is sending out details wirelessly, which suggests that we do not need to permeate the mask with a cable television.
What you see in the screen inside the respirator is thermo signatures of whatever exists, even if there’s a fire in the background. Substantially, that firemen can still scan the space and discover the victim. You can picture the environment where the items enter. They do not actually get dealt with that well, although they’re innovation.
So, that the firemen can forget it’s there and enter and it can measure up to whatever they’re doing was the genuine difficulty. The advantage for this is that both times, they have a screen they can take a look at whenever they desire. It’s constantly catching the thermal scene in front of them. They go way more details whenever they desired.
It’s a happy day when you see such an impactful item enhancing individuals’s lives.
AZUZ: Some firemens in California just recently flaunted how they have a good time with their training. They took each other on in a friendly video game of dodgeball while worn complete firefighting equipment. That includes around 45 pounds. Those knocked out were dragged off the court by their associates and it provided much more than workout and dexterity training.
This assists firemens discovered ways to much better manage the oxygen in their tanks when they’re handling an emergency situation, even if they need to discover that while they evade, duck, deep dive and evade. If dodgeball has actually been a heated video game for generations of grade schoolers, this might get oxygenerations of firemens all fired up for training that might be explained as a breath of fresh air.
I’m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.
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