Bronze Aged Breweries Suggest The Ancient Greeks Were Drinking Wine AND Beer

It is a widely known truth that the Ancient Greeks liked a beverage or 2. The seminar was essentially the ancient variation of a “ bar crawl ” and even included video games of kottabos , which is basically beer pong with more servants and less ale. There was the god, Dionysus, dedicated to the art of routine, white wine, and wine making insanity– a code word for drunkenness if ever we ’ ve heard one.


And while there is no doubt white wine was their beverage of option, brand-new research study released in the journal Vegetation History and Archaeobotany recommends it wasn ’ t the only liquor on the marketplace. Archaeologists have actually discovered 2 breweries– one in Archondiko, northern Greece, and one at Agrissa, eastern Greece– going back to the 3rd millennium BCE. This is the earliest proof of beer production in Greece to date.


“ It is an unforeseen discover for Greece, since previously all proof indicated white wine,” Tania Valamoti, associate teacher of archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and research study scientist, informed Live Science .


” I’m 95 percent sure that they were making some kind of beer,” she included.” Not the beer we understand today, however some kind of beer.”


A rather frightening representation of Dionysus, the Greek God of white wine, routine insanity, fertility, theater, spiritual euphoria, and the grape harvest. Shutterstock/Zwiebackesser

The group discovered countless maintained grown cereal grains dating to 2100-2000 BCE in Archondiko (Early Bronze Age) and 2100-1700 BCE in Agrissa (early to middle Bronze Age). This is an informing discover since to make beer, you require cereal grains, which are grown throughout the malting procedure to turn the grain’ s starch into sugars.

But that’ s not all. The archaeologists stumbled upon 75 unique cups in Archondiko and Argissa that might have been utilized to serve beer and a two-chambered structure at Archondiko. It appears to have actually been constructed particularly to preserve cooler temperature levels in the rear chamber. Valamoti has stated that it might be low enough to prepare mash and wort throughout the beer-making procedure .

While this is the earliest proof for beer production in Greece, it is not the earliest proof for beer production per se. The earliest composed record of developing remains in the Sumerian text, The Epic of Gilgamesh (c. 2500 BCE – 3500 BCE), and we understand the Ancient Egyptians were currently delighting in ale by the 4th millennium BCE . It does weaken the commonly-held theory that ancient neighborhoods might be nicely classified into “ red wine cultures ” and “ beer cultures ”.


“ Prehistoric Greece was red wine nation, no doubt, this is validated by archaeobotany, textual proof, and artifacts, ” the research study authors discussed . “ But we have actually provided similarly persuading proof that beer was likewise brewed.”

More research study is required to exercise precisely when, why, and by who this beer was being taken in.

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