31 Days of Happiness Countdown: A ‘Sesame Street’ parody even adults will love. (Day 11)

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You may believe that “Sesame Street” is just for children and their moms and dads. You would be incorrect.

Everyone’s preferred muppet team just recently brought out a ridiculous parody of “Stranger Things” (the Netflix struck that follows a town being scared by a malicious beast from the underworld), and you require to inspect it out. Yes, you. If you’re 30 years old seeing it by yourself on a Friday night with a glass of red wine, I do not care. The goofy enjoyable and life lessons in this parody transcend age and life status!

It’s called “Sharing Things” and has to do with as cute as you would anticipate. (That is to state really).

In the six-minute-long act, the Cookiegorgon (Cookie Monster, duh) has actually consumed all the food in his world — called the Snackside Down. Camouflaged as a kid trick-or-treating on Halloween, he runs amok in “Sesame Street” world consuming whatever in sight.

Leave it to Ernie and the gang, who play the “Stranger Things” kids, to teach the Cookiegorgon a crucial however easy lesson. You’re going to get a wonderful toss out of who (or what) appears to conserve the day in the end.

Come for the ill ’80s score, remain to view Cookie Monster’s cold, greedy heart melt — not unlike the morsels of chocolate in a homemade cookie.

After all, often grownups require a little suggestion about sharing too.

( Warning: Extremely, exceptionally moderate spoilers for “Stranger Things” ahead.)

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