25 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

  1. Take more images.
  2. Bagels might be identified slim however they in fact make individuals fat.
  3. Go on insane dates with your other half. You are YOUNG.
  4. Don’ t keep purchasing baby cribs. All of your children will oversleep your bed.
  5. When you hear the words “ dot com, ” purchase 100 of them. Specifically, bible.com The airplane won’
  6. t crash. State no to the minivan right up front. They last for several years.
  7. Keep an everyday journal.
  8. Your kids are going to be remarkable, simply wear’ t run them so rough.
  9. Do you wish to be delighted or ideal? Stop arguing over ridiculous things.
  10. Simply purchase the leather sofa … twenty years from now you will still desire it.
  11. Develop Crossfit and Zumba.
  12. Value your moms and dads. They get SO smart. And they are simply individuals who are attempting truly hard.
  13. When Scott does great things for you, take it as a large bear hug.
  14. Stress and anxiety attacks are simply phony worry. There is no wolf behind you. Unwind.
  15. Go directly to the horn-rimmed glasses, those small frames will do you no favors.
  16. Stroll every day. It will make you feel truly excellent.
  17. Put those beautiful kids to bed a little earlier so you and Scott can have your own time in the evening.
  18. You are ideal about desiring a child for China … and she is so amazing.
  19. Take a look at your kids when they speak to you … specifically after those dang smart devices get created.
  20. Keep reading your Bible each night prior to bed. When you stopped, you had a hard time more in life.
  21. Offer your pals great deals of grace. They are doing their finest.
  22. Check out poetry and discover to consume red white wine. Oops, that was 2.
  23. Start conserving now for your children ’ wedding events. (You will enjoy your very first son-in-law, by the method.)
  24. Anticipate less, be grateful for more. This will conserve you a great deal of distress.
What would you inform your 20-year-old-self?

Originally released at: http://www.faithit.com