23 People Share The Most WTF Thing They Ever Saw At A Party

1. Drug store burglar

This kid from high school believed it was cool to take individuals’s prescriptions at celebrations. Well, this one specific bottle on the counter was pet dog de-worming tablets. He took a handful while he was intoxicated. Twenty minutes later on he begins crapping himself frantically. He was de-clothed and laid in the tub for the rest of the night to wallow in his own dump.

2. Celebration swimming pool

We established a wading pool on top of bed mattress and filled it with approx. 25 gallons of vanilla pudding for fumbling. It was the day prior to St. Patty’s, so somebody had the brilliant concept food color it green. Individuals battled in it, kiddie swimming pool breaks, whole basement is covered in 1-2 of green pudding.

3. Pranking a police

Standing outside a fraternity celebration I viewed a bike police officer have his bike taken.

Cop stopped a kid for an open container. About 30 seconds after he left his bike another person got on the bike and removed. The police began following him, and the person dropped it after about 100 ft. Another person originating from the opposite instructions got it, and removed past the police.

Don’t understand if they ever discovered the bike, however that community was greatly patrolled for the next couple weeks.

4. Did they wish to sleep with it?

Living in the nation, celebrations can get. unusual. I when saw, a minimum of it appeared that method, 4 individuals get a horse intoxicated and after that ride it (not all at the very same time).

5. The Amish assaulted the celebration!

I was at a celebration in a field that got crashed by Amish kids when. They seriously simply rolled up out of no place and began raiding our coolers, attempting and splitting beers to harmonize us. A few of them (primarily the men) were douchebags, however the chicks were really quite cool.

6. Jesus

Party at a cattle ranch and the polices busted it. Kids in halloween outfits and horses who in some way got loose were running wildly through the streets. Practically everybody was intoxicated or either high.

In addition to the police officers, the owners of homes around the celebration were shooting weapons in the air to terrify the kids away. The funniest part however, was that a kid was handcuffed to a tree well prior to the celebration got busted and needed to enjoy as everybody escaped.

7. BJs for everybody or nah?

I was perhaps 15-16 and my buddy’s mother headed out of town for a couple of days. He tossed a celebration. He had actually been extoling a chick from upstairs who would provide him blowjobs prior to their moms and dads got house from work, which she would exist to look after the young boys she was!

I was next in line for mine, when there was a loud banging at the front door. A female entered, pressed me aside, and tossed open the bed room door to discover her child with a dick in her mouth.

She punched the person in the head a couple of times, then dragged the woman out by the hair, both of them shrieking at each other in Chinese.

Too bad there weren’t electronic camera phones at that time.

8. Drunk designers

Went to a celebration at a big farmhouse a long time back, where there was a kitchen filled with tinned items in all sizes and shapes. At around 4 AM I enter to the cooking area to get a beverage and 2 men remain in the kitchen and they’ve invested the whole night constructing a 7ft+ pyramid made from tinned food products.

Honestly that shit was so outstanding, it’s a pity it occurred over 7 years back and I do not have any picture proof of this wonderful accomplishment.

9. The nation is a frightening location

A hay bale, on fire, and lowered a back roadway with an evade pickup. Unscripted cow riding. Pulling seadoo’s and boat on dirt roadways. Damaging ramming a camper into a fire pit. Playing paintball from junker lorries that still run.

10. Caribbean wedding event failed (or extremely right?)

Two buddies had a location wedding event in the Caribbean. They dumped the reception, so there was no arrangement toss, conga line or anything.

It was an open bar, so everybody got squandered. The bride-to-be’s uncle punched me, a random man pulled my hair. We produced a mosh pit, which ended up being so slippery the DJ needed to make a brief time out so it might be mopped.
Among my buddies wished to face the sea, another was shouting “Orgy!” and “Hooray for sex!” from time to time.

After that, we went to a bar where we satisfied the wedding event professional photographers. Among them strike on among my pals, and we are quite sure he roofied a number of us.

The next early morning I had my 2nd worst hangover, and at one point there were bridesmaids vomitting at the toilet, bath and sink tub at the very same time.

The kicker? It was a rather conservative Christian wedding event.

11. WTF??

Some person chose it would be concept to see if it was possible to make dog-human hybrid so he attempted to get in bed with a woman and brought his pet dog with him. She came to her senses and GTFO of there.

12. Oh Andy

I was at a celebration with Andy. He isn’t the most intelligent intoxicated. Andy, intoxicated off his ass, stumbles over to the fire pit, looks at the fire, and passes out falling face initially into it. Pretty frightening shit.

You understand how kids will screw up in some cases however rather of rapidly repairing what ever they screw up, they simply sit there and look at it? Well the very same thing occurred with all individuals standing near to Andy, they simply enjoyed him and his clothes start to ignite.

The individuals’s responses are what captured my attention so I ran over and a couple of other individuals assisted me “stomp” Andy out. (We didn’t in fact stomp on him)

He had some quite bad burn marks however remarkably didn’t have a lot of damage.

13. Please state this is phony.

A person on his knees and hands using just tight black leather fighter briefs and a matching mask with shockingly realistic-looking antlers was groaning and groaning “oh yeah, make me rush away” as a girl with a Santa Claus hat non-stop knocked a substantial black boot versus his ass, more difficult and more difficult each time.

After looking at this phenomenon for some quantity of time that I wasn’t rather able to determine (there had to do with twenty other individuals in the space at the time, the majority of whom were looking in surprised silence, as I was) and the lady had actually stopped and set the boot down for a minute, I heard the man mutter in a low voice that was nearly inaudible from the leather over his mouth, “illuminate the tree.” Without any doubt, the female pulled a stun weapon from out of her pocket and took it to the front of his briefs.

As blended yet evenly strong actions originated from the other viewers around me and the person screamed into the carpet upon which he collapsed, obviously at the zenith of enjoyment along with discomfort, I turned away and headed for the door. I had actually been there for a while by that point anyhow.

14. Celebrations at Crystal’s home doe

I have actually seen someshit

When I was young there was a home. This home was a location of celebrations, and those celebrations where things of legend. You have actually not been to a celebration up until you went to a celebration at Crystal’s home. Here are a couple of little stories. simply a taste actually.

One of the earlier celebrations got a little busy. Individuals had a difficult time moving upstairs, so somebody chose to make a bit of area in our host’s bed room by tossing all her furnishings out the window.

One of the later celebrations included a kidnapping. A choice up truck backs into the driveway and 4 or 5 men hope out. They require among the regional farm type men and he brings out a couple of other individuals. As quickly as the farm people comes out the visitors all get on him, and prior to anybody can even respond they’ve tossed him into the back of the truck and they’re scampering. After beating him for a bit they tossed him out of the back of the truck. When he consumed, #peeee

One of the routine celebration participants had a routine of pissing everyplace. The fireplace, the jacuzzi (stand on the edge pissing, not while being in the important things like a typical intoxicated), and as soon as ideal in the middle of our host’s bed room. The latter would not have actually been all that insane other than that a number of football gamers from the next town took place to be in the cooking area listed below. When somebody’s spilled beer specified leaking from the ceiling above, envision their pleasure. When they discovered out if was piss, now envision their conviction for retribution. He handled to leave without loosing his teeth, however somebody needed to see him at all the future celebrations. On a side bar: The last time I saw our lead character he was shuffling down the roadway, towards his house, with his shoe laces looped.

Right at the pinnacle of among the bigger celebrations a reclusive punk type appears. He acknowledges nobody and makes his method the hosts pantry with a box. He takes each and every single little bit of food from your house and as soon as he’s filled his automobile he goes back to your home, heads to the refrigerator, and discards among the ice trays from the freezer into the sink. He then continues to piss in the tray prior to putting it back into the freezer. Without stating a word he browses as all of us seeing him and without stating a thing he leaves. Nobody states a word about it, like it was regular. The silence about the occasion continues to the next day up until when our host is spotted getting herself a high glass of ice-water

15. Frat brothers can be the worst

Few years ago my previous housemates toss a brand-new years eve celebration with mainly individuals they understand, I was outside the good friend group and brand-new to your home. One fratty person gets squandered, opens a cabinet, and knocks some glasses that break on the flooring.

I hear the smash and being sober go to clean up and attempt up the mess. Fratty person begins pestering me about being a stick in the mud and how I am a mom hen (I had not fulfilled this fucko till that night). I inform him to step on the damaged glass and he provides me this dead eye look, eliminates his shoe and sock and simply stomps on the damaged glass.

I headed out to a bar and had an excellent rest of brand-new years. Perk: the kitchen area flooring was covered with dried blood and glass for 5 days later. Not my mess, fuck those individuals.

16. Auntie Wendy requires aid

I’ll always remember this one. I’m waiting in line to utilize the restroom, I’m like 11 at the time, and this lady called Aunt Wendy (she wasn’t anybody’s auntie however demanded being called Aunt Wendy) is available in intoxicated out of her mind. She visits a facsimile machine resting on a rack, takes down her trousers, takes a seat, and attempts to pee on the facsimile machine.

My mother runs in the exact same time somebody is leaving the restroom, grabs Aunt Wendy and pushes her into the restroom. My mommy is holding the door shut, I went to go get the guy in charge, and the other individuals in line are chuckling their fool avoids. I get Bobby, the person in charge, we get to the space, and can hear Aunt Wendy shrieking out that she’s caught in a space of doors and can’t get out.

Mom once again sends me to discover her other half. I do, run back and all is peaceful, we unlock, no Aunt Wendy. We search in the shower, nope. My mama sees a little towel closet behind the door. Open it, certainly, there’s Aunt Wendy, climbed up onto among the racks and dropped off to sleep, snuggled like a feline. And I may discuss that all this occurred prior to 830 during the night. Auntie Wendy celebrations set.

17. Assist.

Saw a guy shit in a breadmaker that remained in the cooking area cabinet, and after that put it back.

18. Holy Fuck.

My pal got zapped by an electrical fence while we were high up on LSD. it was fucking wild. she stated she has actually never ever been so high in her life and she was laughing for hours later on.

Also saw a woman graffitiing a wall in her own blood at a celebration in Peru.

19. No more birthday celebrations

At a pal’s birthday celebration. Her 14 or 15 year-old sibling is putting full-sized stogies out on his arms later on her sweethearts mama comes down and is asking individuals to motorboat her. She knocked over a candle light and spilled hot wax all over her boy’s hair/clothes/ face. I saw a lot of odd things occur at that home

20. Bottle restroom?

A kid taking a piss in a gewurztraminer bottle then closing it and putting it back with the rest of his moms and dads collection

21. SOS

I will always remember the image of an old male with both fists up a different asshole. Berlin fetish celebrations genuinely do measure up to the buzz.

22. And those chairs were never ever the very same

At my 21stbirthday everybody got LIT. Like were consuming vodka gummy bears, doing lots of shots, I made jungle juice so essentially everybody was sweaty and intoxicated and nasty. We were outdoors on my patio and a lady who I was sort of good friends with was sort of pacing oddly.

She continued to visit my next-door neighbor’s patio and rest on among their wicker chairs and we simply heard her sigh. When I reviewed there to look at her it was fatal apparent she had actually simply peed all over the cushion and the chair. We didn’t actually understand what to do so we simply took her upstairs, altered her, and put her to bed. Never ever informed my next-door neighbor!

23. Bombs away?

I definitely made love with a person on a veranda when not understanding there were individuals listed below us listening to the whole thing. Joke’s on them due to the fact that he tossed an utilized prophylactic over the rail and it absolutely landed on one of their feet. WHOOPS.

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