21 Stupid Mistakes I Made On My Very First Trip to New York City (So You Don’t Have To)

1. If you roam the streets of NYC with no idea regarding where you are or where youre going, you will absolutely wind up lost in the jobs at some time.

2. Not going to charge your phone prior to you go out? When youre stranded in who-knows-where-Brooklyn, at least remember your buddies addressor phone numberor something to assist.

3. PSA: If you fantasize on the train, nobody will advise you to leave at the ideal stop and youll most likely miss it a minimum of when. Or two times. Or practically each time.

4. Thinking about delicately roaming the streets for an excellent location to consume? You must most likely adjust your GPS initially so you aren’t strolling in circles for an hour.

5. If its 1AM and youre a couple of beverages in, buying the cheesiest, melt-in-your-mouthiest artichoke pizza may appear worth the calories however not if you will not keep in mind how incredible it really was the next early morning.

6. If youre going to take the picturesque night path through the city, a minimum of walk with a function. Looking extremely baffled and powerless at a street corner resembles using a neon indication on your back: TOURIST THAT DOESNT KNOW WHERE SHE IS. MURDER ME NOW.

7. When they have earphones in and are certainly attempting to get someplace rapidly and effectively will result in frustrated appearances and instant judgement, Asking a New Yorker how to get locations.

8. If youre broke as a joke, do not buy anything however your house white wine.

9. But dont. I duplicate. be a cheapa ** and ask the rate of all the red wines on the menu.

10. Since they are most absolutely not the very same thing, You ought to most likely understand the distinction in between 14th Street and 14th Ave.

11. If youre going out with pals, it would be clever to bring a charge card that is in fact accepted most placesor bring more than one card with you when you leave the hotel.

12. Planning on being touristy and taking the train? Ensure you understand the distinction in between Uptown and Downtown.

13. Getting in a taxi to head house? State the city with the address. Otherwise youll wind up someplace in Jersey, baffled and broke.

14. Never presume that even if its a natural, NY initial shake its going to taste excellent. Due to the fact that it most likely wont. At least it’s still excellent for you.

15. If youre going to buy a beverage to look all advanced and cool, make certain you have the cash to spend for it.

16. Never leave the hotel without an umbrella. Ever.

17. Taking a cool picture? A minimum of stop someplace that isn’t the middle of the roadway.

18. Going out in mid-December? You need to most likely bring a coat.

19. If youre going to stroll 20 mileshigh heels may not be the finest choice, .

20. PSA: New York has actually these things called districts. It ‘d be a great concept to understand what that means/what they are.

21 . Going to NYC for the very first time? Do not presume you understand what youre doing. Since you most likely do not.

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