15 Things To Know About Dating A Girl Who Really Loves Beer

1. She does not offer a shit about the calories.

OHMIGOD. A black IPA has more than 200 calories ?! And she’s had THREE?! Well goddamn induce the stair stepper! If she isn’t talking about the calories in your vice of option (I see you and your In &&Out) you can keep the judgements to yourself about the caloriccontent of the beverage in her hand. She’s not fretted about it so you do not require to fret about it. Leave it alone; it’s for your own excellent.

2. She’s here for an excellent a time.

A lady who can tumble on the sofa and one-handedly fracture open a beer is a woman who simply wishes to hang. Due to the fact that somebody tagged her in an odd picture on Instagram, she’s not here for chatter or drama or freaking out. She does not require to get intoxicated (all though she does understand beer intoxicated is the happiest of all drunks) or get made complex with the garnishes on her glass. She simply require a cold one in hand and some great discussion and she’s pleased.

3. She’s not fretted about appearing “ladylike.”

Oh I’m SORRY. Cleaning Corona off of one’s chin and having a pint glass in front of you is “for the young boys”? Well you can kindly fuck straight off. When beer a woman’s beverage of option she’s stating, “I do not care about being viewed as a girly-girl. This is simply who I am.” She does not appreciate what individuals consider her. She’s fairly low-maintence and enjoys to remain that method.

4. Informing her about “all the various kinds” of beer is frustrating and purchasing from.

Thank you for presuming she does not understand what a porter is. She’s got it, and you appear like a penis.

5. A great deal of the time she’s down for whatever.

She’s extremely go-with-the-flow; more about the unpleasant bun than the curling iron. She’s quite content to do whatever’s on the docket so long as it’s enjoyable and she will not be tired. She isn’t the sort of woman you need to fret about keeping constantly amused. She would not be if she didn’t desire to be there.

6. Simply due to the fact that she’s chill does not indicate she will not have viewpoints.

That being stated even if the majority of the time she’s cool with whatever, does not indicate you’ll constantly get a “yes” out of her. In some cases she will not be cool with going to a specific bar, a particular celebration, or choosing to socialize with a particulargroup of pals. This does not make her “less chill” or “insane”; it makes her a human.

7. Someday she’ll most likely burp and it will shake the structure of your house.

Hazard of the hops. Think about the carbonation. Generally blame it on the beer.

8. A love of beer does not always imply a love of sports.

That would resemble presuming that since you’ve ever drunk a vodka cran in your life, you are everything about. Due to the fact that she’s all about that brew does not imply she’s all about that baseball, simply. Or basketball. Or any ball. The 2 do not have together, that’s all I’m stating.

9. You can constantly depend on her to look after herself.

Whether it’s with getting her own coffee and Tylenol if she’s hungover, or bring her own growler to whatever celebration you’re going to, you never ever need to fret about babying a beer drinker. She’s the sort of lady who is self-dependent and independent. Constantly prepared to rally, and subsequently get the pieces ought to things type of break down.

10. She values the easy things in life.

You reveal me a woman who enjoys beer and I’ll reveal you a woman who’s material with drifting down a river with a cooler and some sunscreen on ice. She understands that the very best memories and the very best times originate from individuals, and not lavish strategies. She’ll never ever be high upkeep and you’ll never ever need to fretting about “one upping” your last activity or present. She simply desires you and some laughs, which’s enough.

11. Yes, she understands how to shotgun.

All she requires is a crucial and a difficulty.

12. She isn’t here for society’s, or truthfully anybody’s expectations of her.

Shejust wishes to do her thing. She does not care that the waitress constantly puts the martini in front of her and the ale in front of you, and then you people end up changing beverages to make it. She does not care that nobody else will touch her combined pack of pilsners at woman’s night. She’s simply being herself, and she’s not stressed over how anybody sees it.

13. She isn’t thinking about sleeping with her drinking friends. Since she has a group of people (or ladies) that she routinely gets pitchers with does not suggest there’s anything else there, #hpeee

Just. Truthfully, you require to stop being insecure.

14. All she requires on a bad day is a 6 pack and for you to be there.

Just do not presume what she desires is Blue Moon. Not every lady is consumed with Blue Moon.

15. She isn’t stressed over who can consume more. If you put a 30 rack in front of her, #hpeee

But that’s not going to stop her from attempting to put your ass under the table. She might lose, however nobody ever broke a record without attempting. Cheers.

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