12 Legit Reasons Youll Actually Miss Your Sh*tty College Apartment

1. It was overall sh * t, however likewise oddly charming . From the window that would never ever completely near to the water stain on the ceiling, you love-hated bringing good friends (and specifically fam) over, however as time passed it ended up being (And you covered that water stain with a poster.)

2. It was the embodiment of your pre-adulting stage. AKA: dollar shop boxes and hand-me-down whatever.

3. It taught you lots of beneficial things . Like how to vacuum, examine your charge card declarations, discard food when it was well past the expiration date, fold laundry, and eliminate spiders (or a minimum of attemptthen phone a good friend).

4. It was house to some real shenanigans. Wine nights, motion picture dates, chuckles, tears, 3AM inebriated stumblings, and kisses youll always remember.

5. Its carpet spots will permanently be absurd memories. The nail polish you spilled due to the fact that you were too lazy to rise however wished to rock intense pink toes, the tomato sauce from the Ill-make-this-without-a-recipe pasta that ended up awful, and your buddies dying-from-a-hangover puke. Youll bring those memories (and shell bring those remorses) permanently.

6. It saw you at your outright finest. And showcased your prizes, awards, enjoy letters, and motivating notes from father happily on its walls.

7. It saw you at your outright, painfully-hungover, sad worst. And comforted you by means of bed, sofa, and pillow forts throughout the whole thing.

8. It will constantly represent your terrible (and entirely not-graceful) shift from kid to huge kid. From the closet filled with skimpy crop-tops you utilized to believe were incredibly charming, to the conservative interview blouses for when you lastly got your sh * t together. From the rushed eggs for lunch, supper, and breakfast, to really making real-life food. Your house never ever evaluated you. (Thank god.)

9. Its walls, with their crookedly-hung photo frames, will permanently advise you of just how much youve grown. Those walls mark your growthnew buddies, bad hairstyle, 2 inch height gain, delighted times, modification. (And, obviously, a consistent pointer of just how much you drew at utilizing a hammer.)

10. It provided you a location to grow. A location where you were safe, forgiven, and liked. A location where you discovered to be strong and independent. Where you found who you were as an individual, and who you might be.

11. It taught you that house was not an irreversible state, however a sensation. A sense of belonging. Ownership. Making something that is foreign and brand-new, yours. And most significantly, that a location you hadnt matured in might still seem like house. Which roomies might seem like household.

12. And it taught you to like. Love a location, and declare it. Love others, and share this location with them. And most notably, enjoy yourself.

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