100-Year-Old Woman Says Wine Is Secret To Her Longevity

Now here’s a little durability guidance we can all state cheers to. Commemorating her 100th birthday today, Violet Ewen states she credits her durability to her dinnertime beverage.

The centenarian, from Swindon, England, states she enjoys a glass of red wine every night with her meal.

Its crucial you constantly have something to do and it may have something to do with my glass of wine,” Ewen informed the Swindon Advertiser as she commemorated her turning point birthday with a celebration over the weekend. “I have actually done extremely well.”

Except for a small decrease in her hearing and vision, Ewen remains in health, thanks to a life time of remaining active. She informed the paper that she came from numerous clubs and taken pleasure in trips to keep herself healthy and delighted.

“When youre young, you do not believe youre aging. Its just when things quit working you believe youre aging,” she stated. If there may be something to her durability trick, #peeee

We have to question. Other centenarians have actually echoed the virtues of a little alcohol to keep the birthdays coming. Previously this year, a 100-year-old Pennsylvania lady swore “a great deal of alcohol” had actually assisted her live over a century. And the world’s earliest twin siblings say a day-to-day glass of Bordeaux has actually assisted them live to 102.

We can toast to that.

h/t Swindon Advertiser

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